A Review of the Harold the Frog series of books by Carole Tobey

Review written by Unicorn Girl

Who better to review a book for kids than a kid? So we asked our 14 year old Toadily Toads correspondent to read both books by Carole Tobey and give us a book report.

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"If Frogs Could Talk" by Carole Tobey Review

The story "If Frogs Could Talk" by Carole Tobey is an interesting story about belief and not polluting. The main character, Grace, has an interesting summer befriending an unusual friend - a frog named Harold. Harold can talk to her, and makes her promise to meet him everyday. For a long time, she does keep her promise until an unseen situation of a family vacation comes up. As she explains to her family for the first time about Harold, her older brother Jon, comes to believe her and goes with her the next day to meet Harold. But before he does, Harold tells Grace why he choose to talk to her. It was her belief that an animal would talk to her and her good heart. The next day, Jon and Grace go to meet Harold who points out the real reason why he spoke to Grace - his lake is polluted! So, Jon and Grace go to the other kids and they make a clean up project that helps Harold and his family and friends. After their vacation, Grace and Jon make flyers and put out garbage cans for keeping the pond clean. Eventually, Harold and Grace part for the winter, until next spring.

I personally think this is a kid friendly book and it sends an important message out in a creative way. The story was very well written.

"The Frog Olympics" Review

The story "The Frog Olympics" is the second part of "If Frogs Could Talk" written by Carole Tobey. Like before, another great story about a frog named Harold, Grace and Jon and new characters Lilly, Reagan, Peter and Tommy. After winter, Harold comes back to his friends, Grace and Jon who helped clean his pond with his new friend, Lilly. Lilly is a bit shy but trusts Harold that Grace and Jon are good people. Harold explains that he needs Grace to help him again this time to compete in the Frog Olympics because of a challenge set by rival frog, James. The Frog Olympics are composed of frogs jumping. Harold and James both make it to the championship round however things get more complicated when Harold goes missing! Lilly is so worried she starts talking too! The next morning, Grace and Jon meet Reagan, who thinks she knows who took Harold and where he is. As they go to find him with Reagan, they find out that she is poor as her father cannot work and thinks that her brothers took Harold for money. However, just as they go to get Harold, he issued the International Distress Croak and hundreds of frogs come to his rescue and pin down his captors - Reagan's brothers! Peter and Tommy then explain that they took Harold for money, and meant no harm to him and would have given him back. However, they felt bad and gave Harold back. They arrived just in time and Harold and James begin a firm friendship. James sets a record challenge for Harold, but Harold breaks the world record and wins a large check of money! James came in second place. Harold wants Reagan and her brothers to have the money so they can help their father. Then Grace, Jon, Lilly and Harold go home very happy and proud.

Another great story by the author sending another important message that stealing for good reasons isn't the right answer. Very original and well written series. We give these books TWO Flippers Up!

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