Dex the Pacman Frog Remembrance Gallery

     This is a wonderful close up shot of Dex eating a fish. Here, you can see the protective covering over his bad eye. From my research, I learned that pacman frogs can grow a layer around themselves that resembles being wrapped in plastic. This layer protects them from moisture loss. This seems to be exactly what he has over his eye.
I should also point out that in this picture, he was sitting in a clear plastic critter keeper and the red carpeting is outside, under his tank. The letters on the carpet are actually on the plastic bottom of the cage. We put Dex in here to feed him because he refused to eat anything but fish and it seemed the only way to get him to eat was to put him in the cage with the fish and a rock. Dex would eventually catch the fish (though sometimes it took him 24 hrs) and then I would move him back to him home. I had hoped that once his eye healed, I would be able to get him to eat other foods but I figured that being injured or sick, one has to just be glad when they eat anything at all. So I didn't push the issue.
     He was so shy about eating around us that he wouldn't even consider trying to catch a fish until we were out of the room. In this shot, he was caught in the middle of eating, so we were lucky. He never appeared sick or thin. He didn't seem to mind me holding him and transferring him from one place to another. His only hang up seemed to be with eating infront of us.
     This picture also shows off his texture and color rather well. I was attracted to this species because they are so cute and toad like. After all, they are fat and round and have proportionately small legs and they sit around waiting to eat. They even have bumps and color patches. These guys are like honorary toads!

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