Dex the Pacman Frog Remembrance Gallery
 In this shot, the puss and blood are obvious. As stated on the previous page, once he began swimming around, he broke the blister and the infection drained. I firmly believe that keeping him in water all the time was bad and the best thing for him was moving to dirt. In the water, his eye never seemed to get to this point. It was perpetually soft and never looked like it just needed to be drained. I also feel that he was much happier and less stressed in a more natural environment than he was sitting in the water, out in the open all the time. All frogs and toads need hiding spots to feel safe. Having aquarium paper around the tank helps also. Stress can cause illness and cause an already compromised immune system to be further compromised.
     Infection or not, I think you can still tell how cute Dex was!

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