Fleegle and Flipper Rememberance Gallery / Fleegle was sick for a long time. I eventually seperated Flipper and Fleegle but in the end, I put them back together because Flipper was going crazy, constantly banging on the glass to get out. They never did that. When Fleegle died a few days after this picture was taken, I had a hell of a time trying to pry them apart. Flipper's grip was amazing. All told, Fleegle was with me 6 years and Flipper for 3. Not too shabby when you consider my lack of knowledge and experience, the fact that Fleegle was full grown and who knows how old and the fact that flipper was deformed. I have never and will never mix species again. I'm even shy about mixing the same species if introducing an animal from another time and place into an established tank.

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