Dex the Pacman Frog Remembrance Gallery
In this shot, you can see that Dex's bad eye is almost totally healed. He had been acting normally and looked well. I put him in the feeding tank and several hours later noticed that he had not moved off the rock. I looked at him again and got a very bad feeling. Sure enough, he had passed away. I was shocked. All I could do was ask "why" and cry and feel like it was a cruel joke, to nurse him so long and so much and to see him heal and then to find him peacefully sitting there dead like that with absolutely no warning.
     I know it was a learning experience if nothing else. I'd had no previous experience with eye injuries before. You will learn in this hobby that most of your success will come from experience. If you can find reliable information that works for you, even better, but as is always the case, if you ask a question on a web board, expect many different answers and opinions. Through them all, you must weed out the information that works for your situation. Still, I thank all those who took the time to answer me and share their opinions and advice.
     Dex is missed, but now we have Pebbles and he seems fine and is doing well. Rest in Peace little Dex. We love you.

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