Pumpkin the Tomato Frog


Whether to call a tomato frog a toad or a frog, I guess is a matter of what you prefer. They certainly have the skin texture of a frog, but their short hops, chubby bodies and overall mannerisms are toad, all the way, so they will be considered "honorary toads" here on toadilytoads.com. The fact is, they are not true bufos, thus they are not toads. They ARE frogs, but I love them.

I had always been facinated by tomato frogs. I had seen pictures of them, but then I had seen a real one at the zoo, back when my daughter was very little and then we both wanted one. What I didn't know then is that there are two varieties of tomato frogs. One is from the north of Madagasgar (Dyscophus antongilli) and the other from the south (Dyscophus guineti). The one from the north is endangered. His color is that amazing red that gives the tomato frog its name. The variety shown here is not endangered and is in fact bred for the pet trade. This variety has the darker pattern on the middle of the back, whereas the northern variety is even red. I named this one Pumpkin because we got him in October and I felt his color was more like a pumpkin than a tomato. Each picture has more information about him, so be sure to check out the whole gallery.

bugeyes color_pattern compare_size hands_closeup
mouth othello_anyone pumpkin1w pumpkin2w
pumpkin3w pumpkin4w pumpkin5w swollowing

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