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They say the Rococo Toad (Bufo Paracnemis) is the largest toad in the world. It can grow to be larger than a Cane Toad, (Bufo Marinus). I've tried to give you some idea of the scale by some of the pictures in this gallery. These are our two Rococos; a male and female named Jabba and Gardilla the Hutts (we're big into Star Wars). They are easy going, laid back and interact well with us. I'd say they are close in intelligence to our Bufo Americanus.

Like other toads, I've found that the web is not overly abundant in information about these animals. I've run across a few pictures of them and a little bit of information, but not that much. They look very much like Cane Toads and come from similar environments (Central/South America). When we first decided we wanted to get Rococos, we scoured the web and I asked many different people who were on various forums or web boards or who had websites mentioning Rococos. The bottom line seemed to be that we should care for them the same way we would a Cane Toad and thus, follow the Bufo Marinus care sheets for advice.

In this gallery, I will give you more information on our Rococos. I hope that you will find this to be perhaps the nicest, most robust Rococo gallery around. In all my hours online, just researching Rococos, I barely collected 10 pictures and many of them were horrible. They were small, fuzzy and overall poor quality. This gallery alone contains 21 and many of them are excellent quality and informative close-ups. Note that I left the canvas size large for many of these images, however, they have all been optimized in order to load faster, but retain excellent screen quality. They may not print out all that well since that was not my intention. We would love to hear your feedback on this gallery (and indeed the whole site and other galleries), so feel free to email us:

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