Muffin and Matilda

Female Bufo Americanus Tankmates

***Please note, Matilda passed away on November 8, 2006. She will be VERY missed.

Here are some pictures of two of our bufo americanus females. They have been tankmates for a long time and are good friends. They spend most of their time together. Matilda was raised from toadlet to adult and Muffin was rescued from a contruction area. They live in a 40 gallon breeder tank. In my opinion, a twenty is cramped for toads this size. Muffin is especially huge when filled with eggs. Adult b. americanus females can be 4" or more from snout to vent, which is about how big Muffin is. We hope to be able to someday breed one of these girls with a male.

Here, Muffin and Matilda sit together, as they often do. Muffin is full of eggs, which is why she's so fat. Aren't they adorable!

Here is a profile of Muffin. She wasn't carrying eggs at the time of this photo.

bufo americanus female

Muffin sits in her toad house, by Painted Gardens. Click here to learn more about these great houses.

Matilda soaks in her water bowl. Needless to say, this water is changed every day and we only use purified drinking water.

Out of the water, Matilda walks to her hiding spot under the plants. They're silk, but she doesn't mind.

Matilda seemed fine when she climbed into her water bowl Sept 2006. She died 2 months later.

Isn't that cute? They both decided to borrow together!

The funny part is, they both got UNDER the water bowl!

Muffin thought nobody could see her!

It's hard to imagine Matilda was once so small. Now, she's at least as big as one of those frogs on the fountain. A friend gave us this fountain as a gift. When Matilda was a baby, she enjoyed sitting in it and having the water hit her back.

What a great picture of Matilda. She is was so cute. I love you Matilda. Daddy and I will miss you SO much. Rest in Peace.

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