Giant Pyxie Frog
(aka African Bullfrog)

picture 1 of baby Pyxie

This is our pyxie frog. He or she is too young to identify the sex and we haven't found a good unisex name yet, so we just call him/her, "The Pyxie". If it is a female, we can expect her to be around 5" when she is grown. If it is a male, more like 8" from snout to vent! Definitely Rococo sized! The unusual thing is that with most frogs and toads, the male is always smaller than the female, but in this species, it's the other way around. It can take a few years to discover the sex, so in the meanwhile we just will have to keep calling the pyxie, "The Pyxie".

These naturally plump frogs are often grouped in with pacman frogs and there are definite similarities, even though they come from different parts of the globe and not in the same family. They lose their brown and beige and eventually become green. No one would confuse an adult pyxie with an adult pacman.

To learn more about this frog and it's care, visit and meet Webster and his girl Corny.

Meanwhile, I will post more pictures as this frog grows up.

Baby Pyxie frog in hand

Just imagine, someday, this frog might be the size of a dinner plate!

Baby Pyxie frog in hand 2

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