A Western Toad (bufo boreas) in Colorado

When Cindy Bolton of Colorado told me she had a toad living in her window well, I didn't think anything of it at first. After all, all over the world, toads live in window wells in people's homes (click here to see article on window wells and toads). But when she began to describe the measures she'd taken to ensure that her toad had a good place to live and would be encouraged to stay, I decided that she should send me pictures and I would feature them on this site.
   At first, she didn't know what kind of toad she had and didn't know the sex, but I could see by the photos and information she gave me that she had a female adult bufo boreas living in there. They'd already named the toad Thomas, not realizing it was a girl. Hence her name was altered to Thomasina.
   Thomasina lives in the lap of luxury. She is a pampered toad and a damn nice looking one, too. Toadily Toads gives the Boltons TWO FLIPPERS UP!!! for their wonderful toad haven and for caring about our flippered friends. Thanks!

bufo boreas

Thomasina is a very pretty toad.

Cindy provided Thomasina with a rock cave (made of resin), to hide in. These are available at pet shops. This window well is nearly free of dead leaves, however, in this case, it isn't necessary because she has provided this hut and a water bowl, which meets the critical requirements for toad care. In the picture below, you can see the fake plants and the water dish. She also covered the inside of the wells with decorative aquarium paper which I'm sure makes the toad feel very homey and safe. I always recommend aquarium paper for indoor tanks.

Definitely a toad living the good life. Thanks to Cindy and her family for taking such good care of Thomasina. When we consider the benefits and services provided by toads and frogs, it makes sence to take good care of them. I wonder how many protentially harmful insects and pests Thomasina has eaten this summer?

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