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Links to Organizations to Help Save Amphibians!

http://www.amphibianark.org/yearofthefrog.htm - 2008 is The Year of the Frog! Visiti this site to see what YOU can do to help with the global frog crisis! The earth stands to see many amphibian species go extinct and its happening NOW. Learn more and pass it on.

http://www.frogs.org/ - excellent site about conservation and helping to save amphibians from current global decline

http://www.savefrogs.com - this site is more about saving animals in general. The shopping links all lead to affiliate stores who donate money toward saving the various animals shown in the merchandise. They do have some interesting stuff, so check it out.

http://www.cbc.ca/storyview/CBC/2000/01/17/frog000117 - article about a virtual dissection software that could save the lives of frogs

http://www.fdrproject.org/pages/TDdispose.htm - sad, but must be discussed. The problem of Cane Toads was caused by human ignorance and greed. Ignorance in that you cannot introduce non-native animals into an eco-system and expect things to go right. Greed, in that it was the desire to eradicate the cane beetles and make money on sugar cane crops that led to the idea to introduce the toads to foreign lands in the first place. Read here to see the horrifying outcome. Also note that similar disasters can occur when people put bullfrogs in their backyard ponds when bullfrogs don't belong in that area, so there's a lesson in here for everyone. WARNING: this page contains very disturbing images of human cruelty! View at your own risk.

http://www.fdrproject.org/pages/THRcats.htm - This page discusses the danger to frogs and toads that the common housecat can present. Very imformative.

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Learn about Toads and Frogs: General information

http://www.frogdaze.com - This site gets a BIG Two Flippers Up from Kisco and Woodstock! Lots of fun stuff, information and pictures. Owned by a true toad and frog lover, this site is a MUST for any amphibian fan's bookmark list!

- A nice site dedicated to those adorable creatures, the Clawed Frogs. Fully aquatic, the xenopus frogs are adorable and worth considering as a pet. Site also offers info about White's treefrogs as well. TWO FLIPPERS UP!

http://www.exploratorium.edu/frogs/ - a nice, general site with fun activities and lots of info and links. It even has frog myths

http://www.naturesound.com/frogs/frogs.html - this page features several different toad and frog calls from North American species (uses Real player)

http://library.thinkquest.org/11034/?tqskip1=1 - a site devoted to the frogs of New England.

http://www.folkways.si.edu/frogmain.htm - Site devoted to the sounds of North American toads and frog. It also contains Real Player files.

http://www-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk/~erik/toad/frames.html - Toads Dome - a homepage all about toads. Overall, the site contains lots of great pictures and good information, but those of us stuck with a dial-up connection should be prepared for looooong loading times! This site contains all the "do nots" of web design! Everything that could possibly blink and move, does. It contains frames. The picture gallery is a table and the photos load nice and slow. But this isn't a professional site, and is intended for fun and information. Still worth checking out, but just be prepared.

http://www.nafcon.dircon.co.uk/bufonidae_bufo.htm - a work in progress; attempting to list the entire bufonidae family.

http://michelesworld.net/dmm2/frog/sayfrog.htm - page dedicated to how to say frog and toad in all different languages.

http://www.centralpets.com/pages/critterpages/reptiles/toads/TOD2549.shtml - Central Pets is a site dedicated to trying to have a care sheet and information and galleries on any animal one might try to keep. We have repeatedly tried to submit images and links with these people but have never gotten a reply and have not been added as of the time I am writing this. Months have passed and I tried submitting twice, both several months apart. One can conclude that either these people do not update their site ever, or they are snubbing Toadily Toads! Their toad sheets are ok, but nothing spectacular. Still, you might want to look at this and see some of their picture galleries.

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Toad Pictures, Galleries and Pages Around the Web

http://markmlucas.com/Amphibgallery%20toads.htm - lots of toad pictures

http://www.wrappinaboutreptiles.com/our_collection.htm - lots of reptile and amphibian pictures

http://turtle_tails.tripod.com/toad/toadpage.htm - check out the galleries of toad pictures on Turtle Tails website and if you are interested in turtles, check out the rest of their site including adoption information and more.

http://www.puyya.com - a general directory of pet and animal sites; several good frog and toad related links

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Buying Toad and Frog Merchandise

http://www.cafeshops.com/toadilytoads - Our own shop on cafepress.com - we are adding new merchandise soon, so check often. Check out our Rococo toad giant mug!

http://www.frogstore.com - a huge selection of frog related gifts and merchandise. There's lots of nice stuff to be found here, though its very short on toads. Still, we give it a solid two thumbs up.

http://listings.ebay.com/pool1/plistings/list/all/category37869/index.html?from=R10 - this is my bookmark for the Ebay frog listings catagory. If it doesn't work, just go to the catagory yourself, which is found under collectibles > animals > frogs. Here again, most of the merchandise offered is of frogs but you will find the occasional toad - specific item here. Its worth browsing, especially if you love frogs, too.

http://www.toadsoffun.com - This is the place to check out a beautiful and colorful new game for children called "Toads of Fun". Very cute and manufactured by a private family, not a big corporation.

http://www.krittersinthemailbox.com - An excellent site for animal collectibles, but also the only place we've found that carries statues that really, truely are TOADS! Most statues look like frogs, but they carry two that are undoubtedly bufos.

www.giftfroglovers.com - Another great place to buy frog related gifts.

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Just For Fun!

http://michelesworld.net/dmm2/frog/sayfrog.htm - page dedicated to how to say fro and toad in all different languages.

http://www.123greetings.com/events/frog_jumping_day/ - this site offers a selection of frog animated greeting cards. They are free and you don't need to join the site to use them. You will be asked if you want to send a gift card with it but you can choose "none" if you like. You will also be subjected to a number of tacky flashing ads and pop ups. However, take into account that this site will save you time, money and paper in the end and so might be a good place to send a quick greeting for a birthday or other occasion.

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Other Sites We Recommend That Are Not Toad Related


Visit the website of our friend Nicole. She's our guest toad Mortie's human caretaker. Nicole is a web designer and knows Flash animation! Check it out at: http://www.nmallen.addr.com


http://www.whyquit.com - an excellent site with tons of information and resources for those who are really serious about quitting smoking and staying quit. A no-nonsense approach that might save your life or the life of somebody you love.


http://goldentech.com - If you or someone you love needs a mobility scooter, check out the offerings made by Golden Technology. Toadily Toads webmaster uses a Companion 1. Fabulous scooter, great design and very easy to travel with. TWO FLIPPERS UP!


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