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This section is always being added to so check back periodically. All essays and articles are written by and cannot be reprinted without permission. If you have a specific question about toad care or about a toad you have, please see our contact page.

Click here for our article on indoor and outdoor dangers to toads and frogs.

Click here to read our official position regarding Cane toads (bufo marinus)

Article - How to Attract Toads to Your Garden: The Benefits of Toads in Your Yard

Toad vs. Frog Biology - finally, a definitive image for identifying toads and differentiating them from frogs! Learn the basic difference between a frog and a toad.

Ask Toadily Toads About Rococo Care - a long awaited series of questions and answers based on actual questions presented by site visitors and members of our Yahoo Group, Toadily Toads Talk. This article attempts to cover as many topics pertaining to Rococos as possible. It may be added to and/or edited as new information is available, but for now, may be the most comprehensive Rococo care document on the web.

Toadily Toads Frequently Asked Questions - Many common questions about toads. We strongly suggest you read both this page and the Rococo toad care page above.

Toads in the Window Well - A look at how to attract toads to your home's window wells.

How to tell a male from a female toad - Here is a general guide to differentiating between male and female toads. Is your toad a male or female? Learn to tell. talks about why we think Petsmart is Pet Stupid when it comes to toads and frogs.

Do you know why toads and all amphibians are now seriously threatened world wide? Take this quiz and see how much you know, then follow the link on the quiz page to read my thought provoking summary of the answers.

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