NEW! Kisco the Toad Digital Dress-up Doll! Click to play it online in Flash or to download a copy to your computer to play offline or share with friends. Made by friend Nicole Allen especially for this site.

Kisco's Word Search Puzzle 1. Kisco enjoys games and loves to create puzzles. She made this first one very challenging. Try it! If you finish it and want more, try Word Search Puzzle 2, or try the new Word Search Puzzle 3!

The Toadily Toads Art Gallery. We would love to build a large gallery of artwork submitted by you. If you have artwork you would like displayed (we can post it anonymously if you prefer, or we can include your name and any information you wish), See the contact page for more information about how to get in touch with us.

The Toadily Toads Media Review Page: Here is where you can read Kisco's reviews of toad related movies and books and other items.

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